Tuesday, December 4, 2018

explanation of the Brain - motor control and how muscles work

WALA: how to set out an explanation and write ideas in our own words.

Muscles move on commands from the brain. Single nerve cells in your spinal cord (called Motor
Neurons) are the only way the brain connects to muscles. When a motor neuron thats inside your
spinal cord fires an impulse will go out from it to your muscles on this long and very thin extension
of that single cell which is called an axon.

When the impulse travels down that axon to your muscle a chemical is released. and at its
ending the muscles are made of long fibers all connected to each other longways by a
mechanism that allows the two parts of an to slide past each
other kind of like a ladder that extends. and then it can lock in a certain place. when the
chemical impulse hits your muscle it makes the muscle fibers ratchet past each other and the
muscle gets shorter and fatter when the impulses from the nerves stop the muscle
fibers slide back to their original position.

Monday, November 12, 2018

this is a movie trailer that we made :)

It took two weeks to make and I was the camera man lol XD

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

                                             DESCRIPTIVE WRITING
i have been working on descriptive writing i,ve tried to give a pictured in the readers mind.       

Have you ever seen a blue cod or even cout one? Let me describe it for you

The blue cod gets its name from its color it is a fun tasty fish to catch
The sharp spiky like sharks teeth the colour is a lite blue to a durk blue the colour jashis down the the fish all the fish are not the same    

Silent suthey fish in the durck in its cave biting down on lures desperate for food

Friday, November 10, 2017

Information report on motorbikes

When a dirt bike motor blows up, is when your crank locks up.
After a while you will need to change the oil in your motor so it will run better (when you smell the old oil your motor).
If you do get a motorbike with electric start, it's best to get one with a kick start because if you have trouble with your battery you will have to bump start it.
How to know if its a 2 stroke or 4 stroke.
A 2 stroke has a fat exhaust and a 4 stroke, it just looks like a normal pipe. A 2 stroke will sound like it is struggling.               
German engineer Nikolaus Otto invented the first four stroke engine in 1876 and he called it the otto cycle engine. He invented the first gas engined motorcycle. The gas engine was attached to a wooden bike.

The first production motorcycle in the US was the 'Orient-Aster'. Built by Charles metz in 1898 at his factory in Waltham, Massachusetts, USA. In the early time of motorcycle history, lots of builders of bicycles changed their designs to for the new internal combustion engine. The first person to build a working four-stroke engine that used a coal gas and air mixture for fuel (a gas engine), was the German engineer Nikolaus Otto.

Is supercross better than motocross?

Is supercross better than motocross? In Supercross you can fit more fans, but with motocross you can get a close up view. You have to pay more to watch supercross and pay less to watch motocross with supercross they can race any time even at nite. However, because there are stadium lights you can do the same with motocross. But there can be lights for motocross tracks as well.

Personally I think that motocross is better. There can be bigger jumps and motocross is cheaper than supercross you have to make a stadium and it's cheap to race motocross sometimes if you are racing the track it can sometimes be cheap.

Monday, September 4, 2017

My story

Alien life

In the alien life the planets are like house and neighbourhood all the alien kids are taught all there life that the earth is the bad house of the neighbourhood and that if you go there, you are never to return but sum places are good to go to like mars itis like the best house

During the flying lesion when they are going on a tor to the neighborhood when they pars there. is that earth said Eryck , yes eryck said the instructor as jom the instructor is distracted eryck swept off to earth.

He enters the atmosphere and he ends up hovering over area 51 as the sirens go of as jets take off and try to shut it down. Jom, this is cool but with burnt they just hovering of the ground and coming into the ski ah ah ah ah wrote are they doing bang nur rrm boom nooooooooooo wrote just haven't teing shshshsh it's another alien hay its living ah for ones what was ah for one's sir i meant it's alive because you shoot them down all the time they died on impact and then we have to try to bring them back to life get that thing inside’ and clean up that space craft before the CIA gets all over ur ass. And then we are in the roing this can not get out to the public if this dose… while i don't now i guess we wont let them get anywhere near the gat. What are we going to do with it we already have heaps i guess we will sea if it a different species of alien